Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Makeup Revolution - Haul, Swatches, First Impressions

Today I received a beautiful package from a Slovenian online drugstore called They just recently got Makeup Revolution, an amazing new UK makeup brand. I was immediately fascinated when I saw these products pop up on blogs, and I was so so happy to receive everything - whoever chose this products knows me well, because they're perfect for me. Of course, I haven't thoroughly tried out the items, but I wanted to post a first impressions blog post along with some swatches, as I like to take photos of my makeup before I actually start wearing it. So here we go!

Above I have swatched the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers. There are 12 shadows in this palette, ranging from soft and light highlight colors to beautiful golds and bronzes. The palette is warm toned and all in all, nice quality. The first six shades were quite light. None of the colors are chalky, they are nicely pigmented - I especially love the seventh shade, the gorgeous dark bronze which is incredibly buttery and gives off so much color. I cannot say much else as I have not tried it on my eyes yet (I literally got this package an hour ago), but I have to tell you the price - this palette costs 6€. 6!!! With brands like Urban Decay selling their palettes for over 50€, this is amazing. And great quality for the price. Available on with free shipping.

I also tried one of their blushers and a lipstick. First of all, do ignore my lips, I've bitten them to oblivion and they're swollen like nobody's business. That aside, let's talk about the lipstick first. This is the Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Beloved, which, at first sight, is quite frightening. However, it is really not that pigmented and is more of a tint or stain. It's a nice color, but it did not impress me that much. It's too drying for my poor lips at the moment and since I have very chapped lips, it really showed those imperfections. Not something for a lip biter like myself, but might be perfect for you. For 2€ though, how can I really complain? Maybe they'll bring out a few different finishes or something, and I'll like those better. Get it on with free shipping.

I also have the Makeup Revolution Cream Blusher in Frambroise Shake (bit of a faux pas on Makeup Revolution's part, as it's actually spelled framboise, or maybe it's an incredibly clever word play which I do not get, which would not surprise me). This is totally the stand out product for me. Incredible pigmentation, first of all - on the photo there is only one swipe of the blusher. It feels really nice on my face and dries to a powdery finish. I only have one other cream blush, which is from Illamasqua, and while I love it, it actually stays creamy and smudges as well as feels oily on my skin, which is really unpleasant. This is a beautiful shade with a lovely texture, I just applied it with my fingers and fell in love. Get it on with free shipping for the incredible price of 2€ (for comparision, Illamasqua cream blushers are over 20€, and I prefer these).

Finally, I also received Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara, which I did not swatch as the photos did not come out right - I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in it. It has fibers, which I was intrigued by, but it really does not deliver the promised volume. I'd say it's more of a lengthening mascara, and would be perfect for layering.

So to wrap it up - if you are considering getting a few Makeup Revolution bits, I would strongly recommend the palette (beautiful) as well as the cream blushers, which are ah-mazing. The lipstick is not that pigmented, but might work great if you like more of a subtle look and don't have very dried out lips (to be honest, not many lipsticks work for me because my lips are so bad, so do not take this judgement too seriously). And finally, the mascara - not something I'd buy.

Sorry if I seemed a bit negative, I just wanted to be very honest, and I do love two of the products very much! I definitely think I will be picking up more Makeup Revolution bits - I really want to try out the eyeliner as well as more palettes and blushers. So if you're on a bargain, look no further than this lovely new brand. Let's give a round of applause for this new kid on the block!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau Extraordinaire

A few weeks ago, I attended an absolutely beautiful event for the launch of Thierry Mugler's new fragrance, Alien Eau Extraordinaire. To be honest I was quite nervous as I hadn't attended such a posh to-do in ages (and the last time I did it ended horribly, but that's a story for another day).

I was first introduced by my aunt who showed me her Alien perfume and it was love at first sniff. An amazing fragrance and even I could sense that it was a unique creation - and I was only around 17 and didn't know the first thing about perfume at the time. I've never had a Mugler perfume, though I am quite familiar with all of them - love Alien, Angel is amazing, but does not seem to smell nice on me, and Womanity is a scent I just don't understand. But Alien has always been the shining star for me, so I was thrilled to learn more about the new fragrance, Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

The presentation of the fragrance was led by Cyrille Yahin, flown in from France - ooh la la! I loved the presentation, during which we were able to sniff each note in the fragrance. Such an amazing experience as I am very interested in specific notes and it was really cool to smell them all separately. Finally, we tried the fragrance itself and after liking all of the notes, I was not suprised to find I loved, loved, loved the scent of Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire opens up with notes of citrus - bergamot and my favorite neroli, making me love it at first sniff. It is followed by the middle notes of heliotropes and another favorite - tiare flower (cue me shouting this note during the presentation, because I was so thrilled it was in there, and completely embarassing myself, lovely). And finally, it rounds out very very softly with base notes of amber. J'adore! I do sense a similarity with the original Alien, though I do not think jasmine, which is so prominent in the regular Alien, is present in this concoction, but dare I say I like the addition of Tiare even more?

We were also introduced to another sweet, sugary treat, namely the new Angel Eau Sucrée which will be arriving to Slovenia shortly. My oh my! What a deliciously sweet gourmand scent - I approve. Arriving in a gorgeous frosted bottle in the iconic shape of a star, it has notes of delicious meringue (very caramel-y), vanilla, sweet red berries and a hint of patchouli to round it out. It totally woke up my inner teenager and I would love to own the Eau Sucrée as well - it is limited edition though, so keep an eye out.

The event was so much fun and I just had to include the press photo of the snacks we had - they were made with ingredients used in the notes of the two perfumes, like vanilla, meringue and chocolate, how clever - and might I add, delicious. I really want to thank everyone who made this event possible, it was just lovely, and I got to take home a full bottle of Alien Eau Extraordinaire, which I have been wearing non-stop (this one will get you some serious compliments, ladies).

I'm off to spritz my stockings with perfume now - a tip we got from Monsieur Yahin that I was a bit sceptical about at first, but oh my gosh, it makes fragrance stay on so much longer! Definitely give it a try and remember - be extraordinary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost gone

I recently decided to give my fragrance collection a clean out and gave away loads of scents. I'm still left with loads of perfumes, but a lot of them are very well loved, as you can see. Today I thought I'd share some of my current favorites which I've been loving and are now almost gone.

Starting off with Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose, this is a perfect fragrance for spring and summer. It's very fresh, floral and fruity, but definitely not one of those cloying scents. It's very light, actually. Mostly I'm in love with one of the main notes, which is peony - one of my favorite flowers. It also has some musk to round it up nicely and another note I love in perfumes - pear. It makes every scent sweeter. I do wish this lasted longer though, as I often resort to carrying it around in my bag to reapply during the day.

Next up is Victoria's Secret Gorgeous, which I got from a lovely friend (thank you!) I am totally obsessed with this perfume, it is so me! A fruity floral once again, a bit similar to the previous one I mentioned. I love the sweet note of strawberry in this one, as well as jasmine and a hint of citrus to make it fresh and sparkling.

We also have Yves Rocher Comme une Évidence, which is probably my favourite floral perfume, ever. This perfume has many flankers, but I stay true to the original, which is a lovely mix of rose, lily of the valley, rhubarb and musk. It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, though it is more gentle, inoffensive, something with less musk. If Lovely is too musky for you but you like the general direction, you would love this one. It also lasts a really long time, but the sillage is not that strong. Love it.

Buy it on Yves Rocher from 24€.

And finally, la creme de la creme, my all-time favourite ... Princess by Very Wang. I'm a bit embarrased to admit that I have had this one since high school. It smells like chocolate, vanilla, a hint of citrus, and a note I love - tiare flower. Just a beautiful, very soft, well rounded and sweet scent I wish I could wear everyday. I really need to get a new bottle ASAP & I just saw it was on offer on my favourite site for perfume shopping. O-ooh.

Buy it on Fragrance Direct for 30€.

Do you have any perfumes you've used up?
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