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Friday, August 8, 2014

This post is a part of Blogging Week on Nothin' Fancy. Really.

You may not know that I am actually from a small country in Europe called Slovenia. I've mentioned in a few times and I also sometimes post in two languages, but I'm pretty sure a lot of my readers think I'm from the UK! I actually really love it here in Slovenia, but the blogging situation is quite different for people from across the sea, so I decided to write up a quick post on blogging from a location that is different than the usual UK or US. I've prepared some tips as well some information. Let's see what we have ...

Customs & Taxes
I wanted to mention something that you will come across sooner or later when you're shopping online in foreign stores. I'm going to be speaking for Slovenia here, but I assume it's similar with other countries in the European Union ... So basically, if you're ordering from a store in the EU, you're good - you'll pay the price and the shipping on the site. But when you're ordering from the US and Asia, for example, you'll have to pay taxes and even customs duties. If you'd like to avoid that in Slovenia, keep the value of your purchase under $22 (excluding shipping). This applies when you're shopping on Ebay, Amazon in the US etc.

Receiving gifts as a blogger
Another topic I wanted to touch on. I've received items for review from many countries, and I've had problems mainly with Asian fashion stores. I've been charged customs duties as well as tax even though the company sent me the items as a gift. Once, I received some skincare and they tried charging me well over 50€ just to get them! I would advise warning the company to send the item as a gift, and if you're charged, it's your decision whether you'll accept the package or not. I generally do if the amount is under 15€, but anything over that seems excessive, since I am on budget.

Working with overseas companies
I've generally had an amazing experience with working outside of Slovenia. Actually, any partnerships with brands for me are usually from overseas (though this has been changing recently). As long as they're in the EU, you're good, but make sure to let them know you're an international blogger! I have had companies write to me and decline to work with me when they found out I was from Slovenia, which is a real shame, but I do understand how expensive shipping can be.

International beauty products
You may feel a little sad because you cannot get items that other people get across the sea. Worry not - online shopping is your best friend! First of all, I almost exclusively buy fragrance online since it's so much cheaper, and I also like to order some makeup. I can do a post on my favourite online shops if you'd like! You can always check Ebay, Boots now ship internationally, and I also love Fragrance Direct. You can also shop at Sephora which ships to the UK now. But if you don't have the option of shopping online, utilise the goodies you can get in your country! I love seeing new and regional products so I know what to stock up on when I travel.

Feeling inadeaquate
I often feel excluded just because I am an international blogger. I feel like whenever I sign an e-mail and I have to include my name, which has a foreign letter in it, I've basically sealed my fate - no one will want to work with me or even acknowledge me! I really urge you and myself not to feel that way. You are never, ever allowed to feel unworthy because of your nationality. I personally love being Slovenian and I would not change it for the world, in my opinion I live in the most beautiful country in the world. Please have a different outlook - be proud of your country and try to work even harder and celebrate your nationality! I really think we should be proud of our roots and I believe we can all make a name for ourselves and proudly state where we are from at the same time.

There we go - some tips for international bloggers. I really hope this was helpful, I know I'll try to follow my own advice for one.
Which country are you from?

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  1. Živa, ful so super tile tvoji zadnji posti :) Meni se tudi na žalost dogaja, da zaradi visokih stroškov poštnine ne prejmem kakšnih izdelkov iz Amerike, se znamki veliko bolj splača poslati eni Američanki kot meni :( drgač pa sploh ne omenjaj carine, mi gre tak na živce, da sploh ne morem! so mi zasegli paket izdelkov, ki sem jih zadela v nagradni igri in samo čakam, da pride poštar in mi pove ceno, ki me bo vrgla na rit :( pa ko bi vsaj nekje pisalo koliko bi ti zaračunali, okej un davek je pač davek ampak ostalo je pa kar malo na blef, ko lahko za list njihovega papirja lahko plačaš en evro ali pa pet! agggggrrrr! :) xx

  2. Completely agree on your last point! :-) Thank you for touching such an essential topic for bloggers outside of the US and UK! Its important to set your priorities and expectations right as soon as possible.. and avoid getting hyped and dejected which eventually leads to losing interest in blogging itself!

    Divya | TheConscienceFund

  3. I'm actually from the Philippines, and I definitely relate with a lot of these things, esp. mailing things over and feeling left out... of events and launches, especially!

  4. I'm from Latvia and also have problems with my international blog!
    Also, as I'm writing in different language, not all of latvian companies want to work with me and even not inviting me to events.
    Anyways, I love your blog!

  5. I love this little post, such an essential post for international bloggers about small things they might not have thought about!

  6. I'm from Bulgaria and I definitely do feel exculeded from the community sometimes. But other than that I'm proud of my nationality and completely agree with you! You have to embrace it, and find ways to make your blog work. I've heard Slovenia is such a beautiful country, would love to visit! :) A really inspiring post :)

    xx from

  7. I'm from Australia and getting products from brands such as Urban Decay and Tarte is a struggle because the prices are so bumped up and I just enjoy picking up products in person. New releases also take awhile to come here, we don't have Maybelline's "The Rocket" yet and I've been anticipating it since it was new in America!

  8. i live in geneva so i totzlly understand!

  9. I now don't accept products from other countries as the tax and duties are too much to risk! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. Super post!

  11. This was really really helpful. I am from Germany and maybe stuff like that will come up for me in the future! you are doing a great job with your blog! xx

  12. Med raziskovanjem tvojega bloga sem naletela na tole objavo, ki je zelo uporabna! Tudi jaz sem v podobni situaciji -blogat sem zacela v zacetku leta, pa blog se zdaj ni prav zazivel, ker se ne morem odlocit, v katerem jeziku bi blogala in na kateri trg naj se osredotocim. Sem Slovenka, zdaj pa ze eno leto zivim v Avstriji.


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